MAKEUP x LOOK: Peony x Rose 🌹

I had a swimming carnival today and as we’re supposed to dress in house colours (I’m in green house) I decided to come as a plant.

I DID A LOOK. Iconic, as I matched my rose bush.

I pulled from the Sweet Peach palette for the transition/crease and inner corner highlight, the shades ‘Candied Peach’ and ‘Just Peachy’. Inner corner highlight is the shade ‘Nectar’ (I want to do a post on how it’s just the BEST for highlighting tbh).

The green is my favourite if I’m gonna be honest w/ y’all. All Morphe shades, I did the outer corners first using ES19 ‘Dirty Martini’ and added a spotlight in the middle of my eyelid using ES36’Wild Garden’.

My highlight didn’t shine here! I’m angry! I used a green Morphe eyeshadow shade called ‘Tokyo Tea’ (ES34) on my cheekbones and then topped it with Sweet Peach’s ‘Nectar’. There is highlight on my browbone and on my nose too, until Adrien rubbed it off.



My face is primed using 3INA Revitalising Primer, then I wore foundation for the first time in 3 weeks (I hate wearing foundation). I use 3INA’s 3-in-1 in shade 201. Concealer is in shade 104, also from 3INA, as is the compact powder (shade 203).

(Why is all my face stuff 3INA? I’ve only been there 2 times, ever…)

Brows were powdered in using shade ‘Darkside’ from Urban Decay’s ‘Naked 3’ palette. I don’t have brow products, fight me. I set them with my mascara, which is Clinique ‘High Impact Mascara’ and I cleaned my brows up with some concealer and the shade ‘Strange’ from ‘Naked 3’.

That’s all I can say about this look! I have more makeup to upload soon as I did other friend’s makeup that day and it looked bomb af.

– Ariel



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